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Three hospitalized after homophobic attack in Blackpool, England

Written by gaytourism

Mr Clarke suffered sustained injuries after the unprovoked attack in Blackpool on 17 February (Picture: Facebook/JoeClarke)

Three people have sustained serious injuries after being subjected to an unprovoked attack in Blackpool, northwest England, on the weekend.

Joe Clarke, 22 and his two friends,  Summer Tarrant 20 and David Westworth, 24, were viciously attacked as they made their way home from a night out.

Taking place at around 5.30am GMT on Saturday (17 February), Police say the trio had homophobic abuse hurled at them before the violent attack on Topping Street.

Vicious, unprovoked attack

The young man has told of how he was beaten unconscious before one of the attackers started ‘stamping on his head’

He suffered facial injuries and a damaged eye socket.

Barman Clarke said he now feels unsafe in his hometown: ‘We went on a night out after work. I was nearly home when a man shouted homophobic abuse at us.

‘I got punched by a man to the side of my face and I then fell on the floor unconscious.

Mr Clarke’s injuries (Picture: Facebook/Joe Clarke)

‘My friends told me a man then stamped on my head. It’s been really painful. I just don’t want to be anywhere near where it happened,’ he told Fleetwood Today.

‘I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before. It has just made me feel so unsafe.’

‘Blackpool no longer feels safe’

Summer Tarrant told how she was left helpless and ‘heartbroken’ after being punched in the face and knocked to the floor.

Meanwhile, Clarke’s friend, David Westworth, said: We’d all been out and had a great night in town.

‘We were walking back to Joe’s when these men started shouting homophobic abuse at us.

‘They were walking towards us and I tried talking to them and got smacked in the mouth and punched in the face.

‘I fell to the floor and they kicked me in my ribs and stamped all over me. I was lying on the floor scrunched in a ball trying to protect my head and face with my arms. It was awful.

‘When I managed to sit up I could see Joe lying unconscious with blood dripping down his face,’ he detailed.

Following the attack, a police spokesman said: ‘We were called to reports of an assault.

‘The offenders are believed to be men in their mid-late twenties.

‘The victims suffered numerous injuries as a result and attended Blackpool Victoria Hospital for treatment. We believe this is an isolated and unprovoked attack.’

Speaking to Gay Star News, Mr Clarke said: ‘I’m doing okay, I’m extremely shaken up and it’s motivated me to move out of Blackpool even sooner than I had planned.

‘Clearly (from the pictures) I’m in a lot of pain,’ he continued.

Police are investigating the incident and would urge anyone with information to call police on 101 quoting crime reference WA1803410

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