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Trailblazer: Whitney Mixter – ‘My most romantic trip? A month alone walking from France to Spain’

Whitney Mixter will be appearing at Back Lot Bash in Chicago in June

Tell us more about you…

I’m Whitney Mixter, aged 34, and I’m an event planner/entertainer/TV personality!

How many countries have you been to?

13. I’ve been to North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

What’s your favorite destination you’ve visited and why?

Oh man, there are so many for such different reasons but I would say overall Portugal. Between Lisbon and the Azores Islands I experienced such beauty, culture, amazing food and hospitable people. There is such an appreciation for art there that they’ve really created an amazing aesthetic dichotomy by nurturing vibrant street art to revamp the weathered streets. I would highly recommend it!

And your worst?

I don’t think I can say I have a worst.  I think you can take beauty and memories from anywhere you go… Of course you can have rough times in a spot, but that just makes for better stories to tell when you’re home!

Where was your most romantic trip and why?

Although it may sound odd because I was by myself… I spent a month walking from the South of France to the end of Spain on El Camino de Santiago. There was something really romantic about the whole experience. From the sprawling and ever-changing sceneries, to the brief yet always pleasant interactions with strangers… It was a really special and beautiful time getting to be alone with myself.

Which country has the hottest people?

Eeeeeek…that’s tough. Costa Rica definitely has a strong running with Spain and Portugal coming in closely behind.

Where did you typically go on holiday as a kid?

Wherever our old station wagon would get us to… I’m from the NorthEast so typically Rhode Island was considered our ‘lavish beach getaway.’

Have you ever experienced homophobia or discrimination abroad?

Honestly, I always read up on how each place I visit is culturally and politically and I act accordingly. It’s not about hiding who I am, but the point of my travels are to experience another perspective and enjoy the surroundings first and foremost and my partners have always felt the same. I’ve been fortunate to navigate through without any overly memorable discrimination aside from a couple second glances… But I’m used to that even here [in the US].

Would you avoid a certain country because of the laws there?

Not really. I think it’s all about learning the customs and laws and respecting them.

Do you ever hope to get married, and if so, would you consider a destination wedding?

Haha… Well, technically I still am married-ish. Would I consider a destination wedding if I did it again? Sure, why not.

Where would you go on your honeymoon?

Bora Bora for sure.

Our album cover entitled: . “A Paws In Time” . 🐾⏳.

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Where were you going the last time you stepped on a plane, apart from home?

Last weekend I hopped on a plane to host Pensacola Pride in Florida. Super fun.

What is your top tip for making it through a long haul flight?

Plan it into sections like movies, games, work…and then get into sleep mode with reading and a glass of wine. Try to allot sleep time to correspond with where you’re going so your body starts adjusting before arrival.

Where do you hope to visit this year and why?

I’m starting to plan a driving tour around the Southern part of Africa. Visiting Africa has always been on my bucket list and I’m stoked to get to do it with someone born and raised there to really get a more local perspective.

Whitney Mixter will be performing at Chicago’s Back Lot Bash, which takes place across Pride weekend, from Thursday-Sunday, 22-25 June.