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Twitter disapproves of Kevin Spacey’s joke ‘coming out’

Kevin Spacey hosted the 71st Annual Tony Awards on Sunday night.

He used the opening number to make several jokes about the rumors that have surrounded his sexuality for years.

Throughout the performance, which contained homages to the four shows nominated for Best Musical, Kevin made multiple references to being in the closet.

The first joke happened when Whoopi Goldberg’s appearance started with her emerging from a closet in a bedroom scene. Kevin asked Whoopi ‘How long have you been in the closet?’ to which she replies ‘Well Kevin, depends on who you ask’.

Next, when previous Tony’s host Billy Crystal joins Kevin on stage, Billy says ‘if all else fails, put on a dress’.

Following on from that comment, Kevin takes to the stage dressed as Norma Desmond (Glenn Close’s character in Sunset Boulevard character) and starts to sing ‘I’m coming out’ before pausing and correcting himself by saying ‘No, wait, no…’

Viewers took to Twitter to express their disapproval of the jokes, labeling it as ‘distasteful’.