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Washington Supreme Court to Revisit ‘Arlene’s Flowers’ Case

Written by gaytourism

The Supreme Court of the United States has asked the Washington Supreme Court to revisit Arlene’s Flowers v. Washington. The Justices will not hear the case, asking the lower court to take into consideration the recent Masterpiece Cake decision.

In 2017, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that Arlene’s Flowers violated the state’s non-discrimination statutes when it refused to provide services to an LGBTQ couple. The owner of the flower shop was seeking religious exemption from these laws. The Supreme Court had no reprimand for any actions by the Washington Court and they are expected to revisit the case soon.

Equality Federation is confident that the Washington Court will once again rule that public businesses must be open to all. We cannot allow these businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ community or anyone else. We urge the Washington Supreme Court to again rule against discrimination.

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