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WATCH: find out Anderson Cooper’s biggest turn-on from Andy Cohen

Written by gaytourism

Andy Cohen reveals Anderson Cooper's biggest turn-on

Have you ever wanted to know what turns on Anderson Cooper most? That’s what we thought. Well, lucky for everyone, his BFF Andy Cohen has the answer for us.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, guest Olivia Wilde moderated a fun game called ‘1 2 AC’. Essentially a trivia quiz to prove how much the friends know about each other, things started off innocent enough.

They guessed Cohen’s favorite celebrity to name-drop in the first question. Unfortunately, the BFFs weren’t in sync on this one. Cohen said John Mayer, but Cooper said Madonna.

After a few more innocent questions, Olivia poses the question: ‘What is Anderson’s biggest turn-on?’

Cooper refuses to answer, but Cohen blurts out his own response, making Cooper laugh and look bewildered. We can’t help wondering what it was like when the cameras stopped rolling…

Watch the full video below, the big moment happens at the 1:30 mark.