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WATCH: Imagine if straight couples got asked all the questions gay couples do

LGBTI people ask straight couples the questions gay couples get

A new video highlights the absurd questions LGBTI couples get asked, by turning it back onto straight couples.

Made by Attn, the video highlights ‘the ridiculous way we talk to gay couples.’

Some questions include: Who’s the mom and who’s the dad? Are you guys worried he’s gonna come out straight? Will you be my straight best friends?!

Watch the video:

For the most part, the comments to the video saw the humor, but some people missed the point.

Mikey Diamandis wrote: ‘Wow, I have never seen so many homophobic comments before. Especially ones that start with “I’m all for gay people but…” and then turn into some homophobic bullshit.’

Max Brown wrote: ‘What if straight couples, or people who ‘identify’ as being straight had their own month to represent what’s left of traditional marriage. Straight people are discriminated against too you know.’

Then one guy responded: ‘We do. It’s called “the other 11 months”.’

Jose Alejo summed it up nicely: ‘The homophobic comments on this page shows exactly why we need videos like this. Just because something isn’t as common, doesn’t mean it isn’t “normal”.’