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WATCH: Tom Daley gets physical with equally-ripped Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson

Written by gaytourism

Tom and Nile, you know, just hanging out

Tom Daley’s YouTube channel is a winning combination.

We love his super cute travelogues and cooking demos, featuring his better half Dustin Lance Black.

But let’s be honest: the real reason we tune in is to see him flexing his fine Olympic form in as little clothing as possible.

Well, with his latest post, we get two glorious, barely-dressed sportsmen for the price of one. Step forward Bronze medal-winning gymnast Nile Wilson…

The pair swop sports for the 13-minute (!) video, teaching each other the art of diving and gymnastics.

Tom immediately masters his frontwards and backwards rolls, and displays some impressive form with his midair somersaults, before struggling with the high bar and P-Bars.

‘We have kind of swopped physiques,’ says a google-eyed Tom. ‘He’s all upper body and I’m legs with no upper body! But we’ll see how we get on.’ We can take a closer look if you like, Tom?

And while their bodies are all kinds of amazing, you’ll be watching this one through your hands, trust us. Gymnastics looks absolutely terrifying, and the high dive even worse…

Sharing the clip to his official Facebook page, Tom has of course received hundreds of brilliant comments.

‘Tell me that it’s gonna be a porn movie…’ comments one thirsty fan.

But our favorite so far: ‘Gymnastics is far more horizontal and diving is more up and down.’ So true.