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WATCH: Trailer reveals Dynasty reboot will feature major gay storyline

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Youtube / The CW

Dynasty’s Steven Carrington finally gets to be out, loud, and proud

The Dynasty reboot will have a gay storyline as big as its characters’ shoulder pads used to be.

Broadcaster The CW is rebooting the iconic US soap opera with a new cast playing the much-loved original characters, and they have given it a bit of an update.

While the shoulder pads are (thankfully) gone, the bitching and intriguing are still there – and one iconic couple is now same-sex.

In the original series Steven Carrington, son of patriarch Blake Carrington, identified as gay but had relationships with both men and women.

His journey has often been criticized as cliche.

In her book All the Rage: The Story of Gay Visibility in America Suzanna Danuta Walters saying he ‘took us on a Hollywood tour of homosexuality: from tortured closet case, to “cured” heterosexual husband, and finally to a vague approximation of gay and proud’.

He still became one of the best-known, if maybe not best-loved, gay characters in TV history.

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Now, 36 years after he first appeared on screens, Steven gets the chance to be out, loud, and proud.

Only this time Sammy Jo Carrington, Steven’s love interest and later wife in the original series, was dropped for a guy named Sam Flores.

The four-minute trailer shows Steven and Sam meeting, kissing, and finally in bed together.

And despite everything that might have been changed from the original series, one thing remains: Steven and Sam are still cousins-in-law.

An airdate for the new Dynasty has yet to be announced, but the CW are saying it will air this fall.

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