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WATCH: YouTube star Melanie Murphy talks about life after coming out as bi

Melanie Murphy in video, Life AFTER Coming Out

YouTube star Melanie Murphy discussed what life is like after coming out as bi in her latest video.

Melanie sat down with guest Riyadh Khalaf to discuss life post coming out and how it felt for them.

She explained people ask how she is so happy, and it is thanks to being able to be so open and honest with her friends and family. Not having to hold anything back when talking to them, including things about her sexuality, has been ‘freeing’ for her.

Riyadh told the story of his Dad coming to terms with his sexuality. In response, Melanie assured viewers while everyone might not have a similar beautiful story, everyone has the chance to.

Melanie discussed a time before she came out when she used to repress her bisexuality.

‘It rules your brain’ she explains. After coming out however, ‘the future seems clear.’

A heteronormative society meant Melanie only ever saw relationships between men and women. So, when she caught herself looking at women and picturing holding their hands, she questioned whether she might be a trans male.

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‘The friends you have in your life are the family you chose.’

Melanie explains now she is out, she is able to live life ‘so much more authentically’.

The pair acknowledge that when some people come out, they’re rejected by their family.

‘If you do come out and your family don’t approve, you will find new family,’ Melanie assures people. ‘The friends you have in your life are the family you choose.’

In these situations, Melanie and Riyadh encourage people to go online where they are able to come out anonymously.

On being bisexual, Melanie explained: ‘I feel like I have to come out to every new person, because a lot of people assume I’m straight based on how I look.’

Melanie joined YouTube in 2013 and has over 480,000 subscribers.

Watch the video below: