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Why LGBT Travelers love Malta as the number one destination on Europe Rainbow Index?

Written by gaytourism

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) has announced that Malta has been ranked the number one travel destination on the Europe Rainbow Index 2018 for the third year running, and LGBT Travelers visit Malta in record numbers.

Out of a total of 49 European countries, Malta has been awarded an outstanding 91% in recognition of the laws, policies and lifestyles of the LGBTQ community on the Mediterranean island. This shows for LGBT Travelers spending money on Malta holidays.

First launched in 2009, the European Rainbow Index monitors both the positive and negative impacts on the LGBTQ community and considers a wide range of factors including legal gender recognition, family and marital issues and rights to asylum. Each European country holds a position on the scale; 100% being the most accurate of respect for human rights and full equality in society, and 0% showing gross violation and discrimination.

2017 saw same sex marriage legalised in Malta, as well as the introduction of gender-neutral passports this year. The latter followed Parliament’s approval of the Gender Identity Act in 2015 and ensures people are able to have the gender they identify with officially recognised by the State.

LGBT Travelers made Malta proud of this recognition and has firmly positioned itself as a vibrant and welcoming destination for all.

Malta has a strong focus on LGBT Travelers. Malta will once again be a sponsor of Brighton Pride 2018, another favorite for LGBT Travelers Malta will also become the first European country to host TropOut’s annual summer festival. Taking place in September 2018, TropOut will offer a an unforgettable travel experience for the modern gay traveller in search of a holiday that combines cultural discovery, relaxation and a vibrant party scene with likeminded travellers.

Peter Vella, director UK & Ireland Malta Tourism Authority, said: “We are thrilled that Malta has once again been heralded as the number one destination for LGBTQ travellers in Europe. The Maltese have always been proud to welcome the LGBTQ market to their island. Malta holds a unique combination of traditional and historical culture with a contemporary and welcoming mindset towards LGBTQ travelers and we are delighted to be setting an example for other European countries.”

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Outside Europe a number of new destination are looking for the LGBT Tourism Dollar, one of the latest is another island, Guam. Tourism in the Western Pacific Ocean.

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