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Why Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel in Marne-la-Vallée is right out of a fairytale

When visiting to Disneyland Paris, it’s best if the full, enchanting experience starts the moment you wake up.

Part of the deal, then, is finding the right hotel. Step forward the Vienna House Magic Circus.

It’s located in the town of Marne-la-Vallée, a short drive from Paris. It’s also in achingly close proximity to the iconic land of Disney itself.

From the outside, it looks like a little castle itself (just look at that turret). Thus, it fits right in. The meticulously clipped grounds are also worth a walk if you have time.

You enter the four star Vienna House – which 396 rooms and suites – through a little circus tent. This immediately sets the tone.

Brightly colored red-and-yellow drapes create the impression of being in a big top. The decorations match the theme, too.

Vienna House reception

To finish the atmosphere off, the staff wear ringleader uniforms. Plus, of course, a smile – all were always extraordinarily friendly and ready to help.

I was treated to a family room, complete with king-size bed for me and bunk beds for my (non-existent) kids.

Being short-sighted and afraid to take a fall without my glasses, I skipped the top bunk come bedtime. But armed with a book and a loose end the next day, I gave one of them a trial run.

If I were a kid, I would have loved it, and I dare say most adults would too. Not least because there are curtains you can draw to block out the sun, which, again, gives the impression of being in a circus tent.

Vienna House Magic Circus family room

Plus, the beds they are all ever so comfortable. Also, it was remarkably quiet for a family hotel. I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time.

My wake-up showers were made all the sweeter by my L’Occitane product-stocked bathroom. I felt well and truly spoiled.

Bringing some extra holiday feeling to my Vienna House Magic Circus stay was a large spa area. It featured a gym, spa, and a generous indoor pool. When you go late in the evening, like me, chances are you will have it all for yourself. Talk about relaxing.

Vienna House Magic Circus' indoor pool, part of the spa and wellness area

From the carpets to the throw pillows with their vivid red and yellow accents, the circus theme prevails throughout. Yet it never feels overdone or exaggerated. It just fits. There are event pictures of vintage circus scenes on the walls.

Vienna House Magic Circus sits 15 minutes’ drive away from Disneyland. There’s a free shuttle operating regularly. Or, if you’re feeling sporty, it’ll take less 30 minutes to walk.

I decided to forego the walk and instead have some time to make use of the breakfast offerings.

You have have your breakfast under a circus tent

Given that it’s France, there were a range of pastries available. Backed up with bacon and eggs, breakfast really kickstarted the morning.

For dinner, we changed the scene to the neighboring castle-and-knights-themed Vienna House Dream Castle, just a short walk away.

After appetizers and drinks in the stunning and rather cosy library bar, we headed down to the main restaurant for a banquet-style dinner.

The bar at Vienna House Dream Castle

Spoilt for choice, there was something for everyone. This includes a fair variety of vegetarian and even vegan option. Thus, none of my part felt they were making a fuss.

Back in Magic Circus, we enjoyed a nightcap at the chic Bar D’Artistes.

On a sunny day, be sure to snag a spot in the garden near at the bar, or perhaps overlooking the lake. You can pretend you’re master of your own castle – with Paris, Champagne and the home of Mickey Mouse part of your kingdom. then, simply enjoy the magic. Plus: free wifi!

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Gay Star News traveled to Disneyland Paris with Eurostar.