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‘Heterosexual Pride Day’ is trending top worldwide, because of course it is

Today, on one of the last days of Pride Month, the eye-scratchingly awful hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay has been trending top worldwide.

The hashtag was born from the misplaced idea that cisgender, straight (cishet) people are oppressed by other people slowly climbing towards equality.

So naturally, LGBT people can’t even have one month of celebration before the whining starts from privileged cishets who are scared of losing their monopoly on…well, everything.

It’s just like how every International Women’s Day, you can hear the plaintive calls of “But why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?” (There is.)

Because there will always be cishet people who don’t want to admit that any other types of humans exist.

The odious hashtag has climbed as high as first in Twitter’s worldwide list.

Just look at the nonsense being spread by these people.

So glad he has a “real” family. They must be “really” proud.


When the rest of Twitter saw what was going on, people were…confused.

While others pointed out, rightly, that LGBT people have been persecuted and oppressed for not being cishet, where as it doesn’t really happen the other way round.

But more than anything else, people were just frustrated that once again, cishet people have whined their way into the collective consciousness.

Same, Liz. Same.

If slightly more uplifting Pride news, Sesame Street got its characters together for a glorious rainbow, saying it was “proud to support families of all shapes, sizes, and colours.”

Now that’s more like it.

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