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WATCH: MØ’s new music video for Nights With You is a beautiful queer masterpiece

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MØ’s new music video Nights With You

Danish singer MØ released a beautifully queer music video for her new song Nights With You on Monday (22 May).

The music video takes place in a deserted warehouse, a dystopian field and a strange cathedral-like building.

But it features beautiful and subtle queer representation throughout. Same-sex dancers passionately embrace in a heart-wrenching composition and queer women stare down the camera.

There’s even a short few seconds of a same-sex kiss.

MØ said: ‘I obviously wanted the video to be about friendship, but I wanted it to communicate this in a wide and universal way.

‘I wanted it to be a reflection on unity in both bright times and in dark—about standing together strong and shining the light across borders and generations,’ she said.

It’s a true celebration of queer freedom and friendship.

She seems to be singing about a girl: ‘Girl, you’re gorgeous. I will dye my hair in crazy colors, just to make you smile… Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone. I’ll take you out tonight.’

MØ recently collaborated with artists like Diplo, Cashmere Cat and Charlie XCX.

Nights With You is expected to feature on her forthcoming second studio album, which has yet to be announced.

Watch the music video:

[embedded content]

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